Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I love this image from my DVD which I have for sale.  I'm partial to stripes in gentle greens and pale beige ... in fact I made a hand sewn quilt from these colours and its superb.  I loved doing it all by hand.  I also love bling, bows, and flowers ... a winning combination.

Please don't upload it to any other sharing place.


  1. Dear Jana, we haven't been in touch for quite a while. The last time we were online your eyes were bothering you and it sounded like you were slowing down with your pc time. I am happy to see that you are up and running as usual. The picture of your snow is gorgeous. You must need all the quilts you can make. It looks cold. I'm happy to hear about your new car. I also have a new car and am enjoying it so much. I do Facebook with family and friends. Your blog is beautiful and I am so happy to see you are busy with your outstanding graphics. Love, Joan

  2. I am so glad to see you blogging again. Thank you for the images, they are stunning as always!

  3. This is stunning. Wonderful vintage so very feminine